Decadent Desserts

Big Sky Apple Crumb Pie

west coast

California Rum Raisin
Bread Pudding

juicy rum soaked California raisins,
homemade sweet rolls, vanilla,
cinnamon, topped with a butter
rum sauce & a sprinkle of
powdered sugar / 8

Big Sky Apple Crumb Pie

our own homemade personal
deep dish apple pie — sliced
apples, buttery crumb top, baked
in a sugar crust to order / 8
– add a scoop of vanilla
ice cream / +2



N’Awlins Beignets

classic French dough dessert
made from deep-fried
choux pastry, order of
six, dusted with
powdered sugar / 8

Don’tcha Know
It’s Chocolate

fudgy milk chocolate flourless
torte, silky smooth texture,
sinfully chocolaty / 7

Georgia Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

east coast

NY Cheese Cake

creamy and ultra-smooth
classic New York style
cheesecake paired with
a buttery graham cracker crust
& topped with homemade
strawberry jam / 8

Georgia Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

dark chocolate, peanut butter
mousse, topped with bits of
Reese’s peanut butter cups / 8