Fresh Salads

add grilled chicken 6 / salmon 8 / shrimp 8

west coast

Washington Apple

baby spinach, sliced
Gala apples, toasted walnuts,
bleu cheese crumble,
served with our homemade
pomegranate vinaigrette / 12

The Napa Valley

arugula, red seedless grapes,
toasted almonds, feta,
served with our homemade
creamy basil herb dressing / 11


Nebraska Cobb Salad

romaine lettuce, boiled eggs,
bacon crumble, cucumbers, avocado,
corn & tomatoes, served with our
homemade ranch dressing / 14

Harvest Beet & Arugula

arugula, roasted beets, farm fresh
goat cheese tossed with toasted
sunflower seeds & red onion,
served with our homemade
balsamic vinaigrette / 12

east coast

New England Wedge

quartered iceberg, homemade
bleu cheese dressing,
slow-cured bacon crumble,
red onion, tomatoes, drizzled
with balsamic glaze / 13

Caesar Salad

romaine, shaved Parmesan
& garlic croûtons,
tossed in our homemade
Caesar dressing / 10

all dressings are homemade: red wine vinaigrette / balsamic vinaigrette / bleu cheese
ranch / creamy basil herb / oil & vinegar / pomegranate vinaigrette